We look forward to providing you with a resource of DIY projects that you at home can give a go, whether it’s to get some practise in, or to dust the cobwebs off that welder you invested in all that time before.


Backyard Brazier

Back in October 2012, Greg Holster was approached by New Zealand’s ‘The Shed” Magazine to write up a DIY Article. Greg shows you how to use an old expended gas cylinder  and turn it into a Backyard Brazier of wonder. With a little bit of plasma cutting with a Thermal Dynamics 35A, and MIG trickery on the CIGWELD Transmig 250i, you too can get your backyard all toasty warm in less than a day’s work. A great project to get your older kids involved too! <Published Oct 2012 in The Shed Magazine:>

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Bin Fire Image_G Holster


Making a Kayak Anchor

March 2013, The Shed Magazine NZ covered off on our to build a rebar anchor. The attached article shows you the materials you need and how to cut, bend, weld, and paint  your steel to make a simple anchor ideal for a kayak. Stu Bryan walks you through how it’s done step by step.  <Published Mar 2013 in The Shed Magazine:>

All you need is the following:
900 mm of 10 mm thick rebar steel
350 mm of 30 mm inner diameter steel pipe
Large shackle
“Extra thin” grinding wheel
2.3 mm arc welding rods
Thick enamel waterproof paint or CRC zinc spray
80 grit sandpaper

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Kayak anchor Mar13


Gasless wire welding is a breeze

In Jun 2011, Greg Holster wrote an article for New Zealand’s ‘The Shed” Magazine demonstrating the benefits of welding with gasless wire and showed how simple it is to do by using the CIGWELD Tranmig 175i Multi Process Inverter. Follow Gregg as he goes through all the important elements of MIG welding with gasless wire and looks at the settings, wire feeding, travel speed and techniques: Down hand fillet welds, vertical up welds, vertical down welds etc…  <Published June 2011 in The Shed Magazine:>

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175i gasless wire_G Holster